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"This is the Zodiac speaking . . ."


In the 19th century, Jack the Ripper roamed the bleak alleys of White Chapel, England spreading terror and fear through the murders he committed.  His identity was never  officially discovered.  No one was ever apprehended.  For over 75 years, in the annals of crime, there was no one to compare to Jack the Ripper . . .


. . . until 1966 . . .


This site is dedicated to the book


The Zodiac / Manson Connection


that explores the strong possibility that Charles Manson was the mastermind of the Zodiac crime spree and that it was carried out by some members of the Manson Family to promote his "Helter Skelter" or revolution.  Two key witnesses speak for the first time and confirm the chief suspect's identity.  This amazing book offers insights into why:


The Zodiac killed for no apparent reason.


Why he wrote so many letters to various newspapers.


How those letters indicate Manson family involvement.


And much, much more!


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