About the Author


Dr. Howard Davis has been researching and writing about a wide variety of subjects for some 40 years.  He is a member of a number of prominent societies and associations.  Dr. Davis has researched true crime, especially serial killers, since the early 1980's.


In 1987 Howard began his work on the Zodiac case based on information he received back in 1974.  The result of this research is "The Zodiac / Manson Connection."  He worked with the foremost Zodiac Expert and retired Police Reporter for the Vallejo Times-Herald newspaper Dave Peterson (now deceased).  Dave worked on the Zodiac case from the beginning (12/20/68) and had amassed a wealth of documents and other materials.  He wrote many news articles and "scoops" on the Zodiac crimes.


Unbeknownst to Howard, Dave had advocated a possible connection between the Zodiac Killer and Charles Manson.  Together, with the same goal in mind they explored "The Zodiac / Manson Connection."  Peterson had agreed that on the "outside" a connection between the Zodiac and Manson appears to be an unlikely scenario. But when you get to the "inside" it is a very different story.


Howard has worked with a number of detectives and researchers including Johnny Smith and former Secret Service Agent Bill Nelson (Manson Expert and Researcher (now deceased)).  His special thanks go to all who have assisted with the Z Project.